99 Percent Party ~ Make our votes count

​Of the People, By the People, For the People.

Government Of, By and for the people is Democracy.  
Of, by, and for Corporations is Fascism
Add racism, you have Nazism.

What kind of country is it when our votes don't count?

One Man
One Vote

Our first job is to make our votes count 

Bernie won the Democratic Nomination

Wall Street  won't let us have him.

Hillary won the Presidency.

Wall Street won't let us have her.

Wall Street likes Hillary, they gave her a billion to run.  

Wall Street finances the Don.  

Wall Streets press gave the Don 40 billion in free publicity in exchange for cabinet posts..making sure Wall Street runs the country..paying no tax while enriching themselves at our expense in their "Endless war for Profit" racket. See "War is a Racket" by the highest decorated and commandant of the Marines, Major General Smedley Butler. 

Trump with mentor, disbarred Mob Lawyer Roy Cohn

The story of the primaries and general election of 2016 is the story of democracy and freedom lost to Nazism by rigging our elections. The Don's Russian hacking is important  but 

this is how it's really done:

Electronic voting machines with no verifiable paper trails programmed to "flip" elections from Democrats to republicans, 51 to 49%, are still in use. see video

"If voting machine results are significantly off  from the exit polls, they were probably hacked"

Al Gore's giving up when it was certain he was the winner in 2000 is evidence the control of Wall Street is complete.  

Wall Street owned both horses in the 2016 race..until Bernie came along, crushing both republicrat candidates.  

Bernies votes in primary states using no paper trail machines were "flipped" to Hillary.  Jill Stein's votes in the General Election were "flipped" to the Don.  

Problem solved.  

Wall Street Billionaires got their boy..even though their boy lost the popular vote and electoral college.

This 12 minute video is the sworn testimony before Congress of Clinton E. Curtis, Nasa, Exxon Mobil and Wang Industries computer programmer.  
Curtis testifies Tom Feeney, Jeb Bush's running mate for Lt. Governor in '94 , ordered the code "flipping" elections from Democrats to republicans in October of 2000 ..the most important video you may ever see.


Had recounts been allowed to continue comparing machine counts to exit polls, the results would show Hillary won a 9 point landslide and the electoral college. This is why republican judges stopped the counting.  Just as in 2000, the Democrats would have won the white house and Congress if the counting was allowed to continue. 

Bernie Sanders won all states using machines with verifiable paper trails by 9 to 50 point landslides.
Hillary "won" states using no paper trail machines , "head counts" and Shenanigans".
Machine tallies differing from exit polls by  2 points is considered voter fraud.  

New York state machine counts differed from exit polls by 14 points in favor of Hillary over Bernie Sanders.  
Every state where exit polls differed from machine counts was "won" by Hillary.  
Is this possible statistically?

Trump "won" every state where exit polls differed from machine counts..from 2.5 - 14 points. Is this possible statistically? See Election 2016

Flipping Steins votes to Trump instead of Clinton avoided suspicion and denied Stein the 5 million dollars and 50 state Green Party ballot access she worked so hard to get.  
This is why Stein paid for recounts and republican judges stopped the recounts.

Billionaires win.  We lose.  

Computer rigging of elections will go on forever if we allow the losers to continue holding office in 2017.

Wall Street Billionaires control the republican/Democratic "Rupublicrat" party. see " Triangulation "

Bankers, The Joint Chiefs, lobbyists for the War Profiteers, Raytheon, Boeing, General Electric, The Koch Bros Energy Cartel literally live in the White House.  The Don has them in his cabinet. 

We must outlaw lobbying and lobbyists.  Every Citizen needs equal access to our representatives.

Jack Lew, COO Citigroup
Obamas Secretary of Treasury

Chuck Hagel,
Vanguard Cellular, MCarthy Investment Banking,
AIS computer voting machines
Obama's Secty, of Defense

Jamie Dimon,
JP Morgan Chase, Chairman of the Fed. Oversaw moving 22 Billion in Tarp funds from Treasury to
JP MorganChase  

We need a robust, determined second party, the 99% party, if we, the people, are ever to wrest control of our government from the 544 non tax paying billionaires and their 6 Billionaire propaganda outlets, GE, News Corp (Fox, WSJ,National Enquirer), Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS.   These 6 media outlets control 95% of everything we see, hear and read.  


All of 

      Just Say No​​
to propaganda and fake news from the CIA owned Press

Say Yes to
       Reliable News Sources  
 Professional journalists using 3 or more sources to verify their stories:

www.intercept.com Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill 
The Young Turks
The Jimmy Dore Show
​Noam Chomsky
Democracynow.org Amy Goodman War and Peace Report

Quoting former CIA Director                    William Colby,
"The CIA owns everyone of Any Significance in the Major Media"

Jimmy Dore and Greg Palast discuss how elections are rigged  and why democrats do nothing about it:

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