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reagan no hero

Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign, John McCain repeatedly said, “Ronald Reagan is my hero” without ever saying why.

What did Reagan do to achieve “Hero” status?

Republicans claim Reagan caused the downfall of the Soviet Union. No evidence exists supporting this contention.

The Nuclear meltdown of the power plant at Chernobyl contaminated soviet farmland to the degree the soviets had to import their food supplies. This, along with the soviet invasion of Afganistan, led to the bankruptcy and collapse of the Soviet Union.

Reagan had nothing to do with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Here is what Reagan did do:*

As president of the Screen Actors Guild, Reagan Cooperated wth Senator Joseph McCarthy, Congressmen Richard Nixon and McCarthy's perverse Attorney, Roy Cohn, in their witchhunt known as the "Army McCarthy" Hearings. Reagan betrayed his own union members by supplying names to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee that resulted in SAG members being Blacklisted. Reagan's betrayal meant those who rightly refused to co operate with the committee were unable to find work in their profession or any field causing great harm to his fellow union members.

Reagan lost his bids for the presidency in 1968 and 1976. He lost the 1976 Primary Election to America's first Appointed President,
Gerald Ford, who subsequently lost to Jimmy Carter in the general election. In 1980, Reagan had a small, vocal following on the far right fringe of the republican party, cultivated by pandering to opponents of abortion while obtaining at least two abortions for his daughter Patty. Reagans financial support came, in large part, from giant corporations in the oil and gas, coal, timber, mining and banking industries and the military idustrial complex. This support alone was not nearly enough to carry him to victory over the incumbent, Jimmy Carter. In order to claim the presidency, Reagan violated American Law. It is a criminal act of Treason for a private citizen to Negotiate public policy with any country without the consent of the government. In a sorry and sordid episode in American history known as the October Surpise, Reagan and his future CIA director, William Casey, began negotiating privately with a sworn Enemy of the United States, Iran, to hold the hostages until after the election.
ABC news, and its program, "Nightline with Ted Koppel", helped bring Carter down by doing a nightly countdown ("day 236 of the hostage crisis") of how long the hostages had been held, keeping the issue in the forefront in the minds of voters. Carter could not understand why the hostages were not being released, believing his negotiations had been successful. Bearing public blame for the hostage crisis, Carter, as planned by Reagan, lost the election to Reagan. Iran released the hostages twenty minutes after Reagan's inaugural address. Reagan and Casey were never charged with any crime associated with this gross act of treason. What did Iran get
in exchange for holding the hostages? Weaponryto use in Iran's war with IRAQ.

Once in office Reagan:

1. Completed the "Arms For hostages" deal with IRAN, conspiring with his newly appointed CIA director, William Casey, VP GHW Bush, Oliver North, Arms dealers Albert Hakim and Adnon Kashoggi, Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega and others to steal loaded tow missles from the Arsenal of the United States, etc...copy text from response to esthers email. In the sordid epispde known as Iranscam or thr Iran Contra affair. Noriega was the only person prosecuted in this gross act of treason.

2. Reduced the tax rate on the wealthiest americans from 78% to 28%, the same rate the middle and working poor classes pay, violating the basic theory of the graduated income tax that holds those with the most income and most access to resources pay the most taxes This reduction of money into the treasury began the runnup of the National debt from 1 million dollars at the beginning of the Nixon Presidency to 3 trillion by the end of the Reagan presidency to the current 12 trillion dollar debt of today. The Vietnam war and subsequent invasions of Cambodia under Nixon, Grenada under Reagan, Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush/Cheney along with Reagan's deregulation of the banking industry, remain the other significant contributors to the debt.
In an attempt to replace the lost income from the wealthy, Reagan Imposed ordinary income tax of 28% on waitress tips, a gratuity. This tax never generated significant income and remains, to this day, one of the most onerous, unfair taxes on one of the hardest working, least able to pay, segments of American society, the restaurant worker. It remains a reporting nightmare for both servers and their employers and should be repealed without delay.

Became the first President in history to cutoff aid to the blind and the handicapped and reduce medicare payments in a further attempt to offset the loss of income to the treasury caused by reducing taxes on the wealthiest Americans from 78% to 29%
His economic program, Reagonomics, aka "the Trickle Down Theory", plunged the country into a depression greater than the great depression during his first year in office.
Reagan entered his second year with the lowest approval rating in the 50 year history of the Gallup Poll. 4. Repealed the "Fairness Doctrine" requiring FCC licensed broadcasters to present opposing views of controversial issues.
Intervened in the Air Traffic Controllers Strike, breaking the Union. This activity forever undermined the trade union movement in the USA and led to the decline of power and membership in all unions.
6. Began massive Deregulation of Industry which forever changed business in America. When Reagan took over the presidency in1980, 95% of all business in America was small business and family farms. In just 30 years since deregulation this number is reversed. 95% of all business in America is controlled by Multinational Corporations.
There have been two major banking failures,
and subsequent bailouts , the S & L crisis of the 1980s and the banking collapse and subsequent bailout of the banks in 2008. These two b ailouts alone added three trillion dollars to the national debt. Reagan's deregulation of the banking industry is acknowledged to be the cause of both disastors. The winners were the bankers who made off with the stolen money and then made off with the bailout money without having to pay any of it back or even pay taxes on it thanks to the Bush/Cheney policy of exempting the top 1% of the wealthiest americans from taxation. The losers? Everyday taxpayers, the hard working men and women who lost their pensions, life savings and homes in these ripoffs only to receive the bill for the bailouts.

7. Reagan spent the last two years of his Presidency under doctors care for Alzheimers Disease. Often, in his few public appearances and statements during these years, Reagan could not complete a simple sentence or thought. He should have retired instead of continuing to hold office while mentally incapacitated.
Three days after leaving office, Reagan flew to Japan where he received a 3 million Dollar payment for a 30 minute speech. During the Reagan years, "made in the USA" labels disappeared, replaced with "made in Japan". Japan also purchased 50% of the available commercial real estate in America during the Reagan Presidency. Reagan's wife, Nancy, raised a million dollars for the “Just Say No” campaign, closed the campaign without distributing the funds, and kept the money for herself instead of returning it to its contributors.

The question remains, What heroic things did Reagan Do? Please help us with answers to the question including documentation.

John McCain himself was frequently referred to as a Hero for the time he spent in prison in Hanoi. What heroic acts did McCain carry out and how did he end up being a prisoner for so many years?

Here is McCains Biography in condensed form.

McCains father and
Grandfather were Navy
Admirals. McCain wanted to follow in their footsteps.
McCain admits he was a heavy drinker, partier and D Student in College.
McCain crashed 3 different million dollar jet fighters during his training to be a pilot. Most trainees are expelled from pilot training once they crash a million dollar airplane. McCain, because of his status as son and grandson of Admirals, was allowed to continue.

McCain was finally passed and allowed to fly missions in Vietnam under Commander in Chief and President, the crook and war criminal Richard M. Nixon.

McCain was one of many pilots to follow Nixon's unlawful orders to attack civilian targets in Hanoi, schools, hospitals, dikes and the electric powerplant serving the city of Hanoi.

McCain was on a mission with 20 other pilots when he was shot down attempting to bomb the power plant, captured and held as a prisoner of war for 8 years.

The question remains, "Is being held a prisoner of war something that qualifies one to be a hero or President of the United States" ? If not, what did deeds did McCain do that would qualify him to be regarded as a hero. What, besides being a Senator has McCain done that would qualify him to be President?

Please submit documentation of any act John McCain carried out in his life that would qualify him to be a hero.

See: "How Reagan Destroyed America"

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