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One Man
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"A mass in movement resists change of direction.  So does the world oppose a new idea.  It takes time to make up the minds to its value and importance.  
Ignorance, prejudice and inertia of the old retard its early progress.  It is discredited by insincere exponents and selfish exploiters.  It is attacked and condemned by its enemies.  Eventually, though, all barriers are thrown down, and it spreads like fire. "  Nikola Tesla

"The Sun Gives Us More Energy than we can ever use. Everyday."
Nikola Tesla

There is a worldwide glut of oil.
Shortages are claimed by oil companies in order to raise the price of gas at the pump.  

"We can safely burn only 25% of oil company reserves...We already exceed the 350ppm maximum concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere." Drilling and fracking occur only to support oil company stock prices.
​see 350.org

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