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We are actively seeking:

Candidates to run on the 99%party ticket for every office in the land.

Your help in organizing the 99% Party Nationwide.

Experienced candidates and political volunteers to get 99% party candidates on the ballots in every state.

IT help organizing the 99% Party
on line teleconference convention so everyone can participate and vote in the nominating process.  No more delegates or superdelegates.

Lawyers and Prosecutors to identifiy, file charges against and prosecute those responsible for the unconstitutional, criminal harrasment, pepper spraying and beating of demonstrators seeking redress of grievance.

Contributions to help with the legal defense of those illegally arrested while demonstrating.

Contributions to help fund our 'Victory in 2018" campaigns.

Your help in placing ads for the 99%party on your personal, business and political websites, sending links to this website to your email lists.
Please send all correspondence, videos, news stories, links to new stories, nominations for offices and you willingness to volunteer and/or contribute to: submit@99percentparty.com

One Man
One Vote

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 How your Donations are spent:

20 % for Administration
80 % to help fund candidates running on the 99%party ticket and to fund legal challenges to require all states to use verifiable paper trail voting machines and end all forms of voter suppression.
Thank you for your contributions!

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Help Fund The  99% Party.  
Help recruit and support 99% Party  candidates for Federal, State and  and Local offices beginning 2018 
Help the 99 % Parties  lawsuit to require every state in the union to  use Verifiable paper trail voting machines or hand count the ballots .  Help our lawsuit to require every state  to end all forms of voter suppression.