99 Percent Party ~ Make our votes count

Of the People, By the People, For the People.

Government Of, By and for the people is Democracy.  Of, by, and for Corporations is Fascism
Add racism, you have Nazism.

Purpose of Government:
Serve the people and protect us from the abuses of Corporations.

One Man
One Vote

America has lost its way.
Upholding, Protecting and Defending the Constitution will lead us back.
Throughout the left to right political spectrum, there are only two types of governments. A government of the people, by the people and for the people..A Democracy, and a government of the corporation by the corporation and for the corporation. A fascist military dictatorship.
America is a Government Of the People, By the People For the People.
We have faced Moral and Economic bankruptcy before. Banks and Corporate Greed ran unchecked through the "Roaring Twenties", their excesses collapsing the economy in 1929. The Great Depression threw millions out of work while banks failed in record numbers and Americans lost their homes, farms and businesses through no fault of their own. Franklin Roosevelt and the democrats instituted the "New Deal", recognizing that every dollar the government invests in people circulates through the economy 10 times, is taxed 10 times, and the government ends up making money on the transaction. They instituted "Esssential Fairness" into the system with the Fair Deal. They put people back to work on Public works projects with the Civilian Conservation Corp, building infrastructure across the county, from the Columbia River Dam System to the Tennessee Valley Authority. They built facilities to serve the public Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood in Oregon State, projects that serve us to this day. By the time of Roosevelts death in 1945, America was well on its way to becoming the greatest expanding economy on earth with the best educated, healthiest people on earth. The dual notions that the war “brought us out of the depression” and war is "good for the economy" are false. War is always fought for the benefit of companies that make the munitions, guns, bombs and planes. There is no revenue side to war. Not one dime of income. It is all expense. War is always a total drain on the economy, Worse, it has a terrible inflationary effect. If you explode a bomb, it destroys everything in its path, then you have to replace it in inventory..buy another one! All Expense, all inflationary, no income. In todays war, we don't even employ people to fly the airplanes. We attack civilian populations with Drone Airpcraft...Robots. Good business for the drone makers, death to the American Economy and America's moral standing in the world. Further, the idea we should use war to improve our economy is as morally bankrupt an idea as has ever been offered. Despicable. Further, The Wars are illegal because they are unconstitutional. The Constitution provides "for the national defense", not Offensive attacks on sovereign nations who have done no harm and pose no threat to America. Nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicauragua, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

We thought we would find our way back with the Election of a Constitutional lawyer, Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008. For nine months, it worked. Obama instituted a stimulus program modeled on the new deal and fair deal and the economy recovered. The free fall in stock market ended and stock prices came back. The stimulus program worked. Corporate layoffs stopped, people began returning to work in the construction and retail sectors. Then, 9 months into his presidency, Obama met with his secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. CIA and NSA. Emerging from the meeting, Obama was asked by a reporter, "Did you hear anything in there that shook you to your core". Obama looked at the reporter and replied, "I am not going to answer that". The next day his hair turned salt and pepper. Our young, new, democratic president became a 100% full time Republican Commander in Chief. All the progress of the first 9 months stopped, the economy stagnated and reversed as the military expanded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have not prosecuted a single banker or wall street executive involved in the corruption that collapsed the banking system in 2008. Instead, we unlawfully arrest Constitutionally protected demonstrators calling for the arrest of the wall street bankers. We have not prosecuted a single war criminal responsible for instituting torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions. We have not arrested a single war criminal for attacking sovereign nations and bombing civilian targets. Republicans and Democrats extended the Unconstitutional Patriot Act, Allowed the Assault Weapons Ban to expire, extended the Bush Tax cuts for Wealthy Corporations, starving our treasury. Most egregious of all, the democrats and republicans joined together to pass a defense budget that gives the military 60% of the Federal Budget and the right to seize any American suspected of supporting terrorism (read anyone opposing administration and/or military policy) and hold them indefinitely without charges in prisons anywhere in the world without access to their spouses, families or lawyers. Without Due Process. Unconstitutional. UnAmerican. Unacceptable.The final nail in the coffin of Americas' Democracy was Bush's appointment of Exxon Mobile and Peabody Energy corporate lawyer John Rogers Supreme Court Chief Justice. Rogers brought the case legalizing unlimited corporate Contributions to political candidates to the Court. Rogers then failed to recuse himself from the discussion, deliberation and decision on the case for his obvious conflict of interest. Rogers cast the deciding vote in the ill named "Citizens United" decision effectively overturning 100 years of precedent and the Corrupt practices act, legalizing Bribery of public officials and candidates. The Republicans and Democrats have failed to overturn this decision and failed to remove Rogers and the 4 other justices voting for this Unconstitutional act.

The Republicans and Democrats aid and abet the problems and offer no solutions. Republicans and Democrats have morphed into one small, radical, cult like minority party..Republicrats.. bought and paid for by the 1%...the Wall Street Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us to beware. The Republicrats are the problem, not the solution. If change is to come, it will come from us. The 99%.

And come it must. In this years elections. We will run, we will hand count the ballots, and we will win.
Below are more problems. See the 99% party platform for the solutions.
Republicrats are bankrupting America, amassing a fifteen trillion dollar debt paying companies in the Military Industrial Complex to prosecute illegal wars against civilians in countries that don't even have an Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines with which to fight back. Republicrats never question the illegal practice of giving companies like Halliburton Multi-Billion Dollar contracts without competitive bids. Not one Republicrat demanded an investigation into, and return of, the 80 billion taxpayer dollars Halliburton claimed it "lost" in iraq.
Representatives from both parties regularly ignore the Constitution they are sworn to "uphold, protect, and defend". The Bill of Rights states, “Congress shall make no law”. Still, Republcrats continue to authorize the unconstitutional "Patriot Act", effectively wiping out our bill of rights.
Republicrats regularly pass laws violating our constitutional protections against illegal searches and seizures. In light of the police action taken against constitionally protected demonstratons asking for the prosecution of Wall Street Criminals, Is there anyone, of any party, who believes we still have the right to freedom of speech, press and assembly?
Make no mistake. It is the duty of the police, our elected officials and each of us as citizens to "Uphold Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. We must arrest and prosecute all officers involved in harrassing and injuring demonstrators as well as those ordering them into action.
The recent passage of the defense budget granting the military and its contractors 60% of our treasury also gives the military the right to seize any American without charges, to be held indefinitely in undisclosed locations without access to their wives, families, lawyers and due process.
These provisions are so unconstitutional as to require removal from office of all voting for them for failure to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of the united states.
We will not get relief from Republicrats who, for the past 52 years, used taxpayer dollars to fund illegal invasions, occupations and torture in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicauruaga, Chile, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. The Republicrats regularly fund the overthrow of democratically elected governments in favor of military dictatorships in every hemisphere.
Republicrats passionately support the insurance and banking rackets and the criminal activities of the oil, gas, coal, timber and mining companies. Not one Republicrat has asked the Justice Department to bring charges of Price Fixing against the oil companies.
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