99 Percent Party ~ Make our votes count

​Of the People, By the People, For the People.

We need a two party system!

The Democratic Party merged
with the Republican party in 1987 in a "Bloodless Coup" by Wall Streets'
Republican Think Tank, "Third Way"

Al From, founder of the Republican funded "Democratic Leadership Council",
recruited then Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton, to participate in the "Bloodless Coup"saying,
"If you help me in this we will make you President".

Clinton agreed. By 1995 the transition to a one party system..Republicrats.. was complete.

See the explanation of how "THIRD WAY", engineered the coup at 2:01 of this video..recommended viewing for all:

Third Way is still pushing centrist republicrats to the right today

How successful was the coup? 
Hillary Clinton and the Republicans voted yes.  

Bernie Sanders voted no on the issues below

Invasion of Iraq 
Wall Street Bailout 
Trans Pacific Partnership 
The USA Patriot Act 
The War on Drugs 
No child left behind 
Charter Schools 
Keystone XL 
Fracking/Arctic Drilling 
Endless War 
Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail 
Amnesty for Torturers

Bill Clinton helped republican think tank "Third Way" execute a "Bloodless Coup" takeover of the Democratic party in 1987, creating a one Wall Street party Government by 1995.

Triangulation:  One party Triangulation
fully funds republicrats, starving Democrats

The merger of the Republicans and Democrats resulted in a process, "Triangulation", with Bill Clinton at the point and the Republican and democratic parties being the 2 sides of the triangle.  The Republican party is funded by Wall Street, the democratic party is starved..a non functioning party to give the "appearance" of a second party when none exists.  

The  One Party "Triangle" serves the interests of the Billionaire Bankers and War Profiteers making up the military industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us to Beware in 1960.

One Party Triangulation gives "illusion" of two Parties

The 99% party serves the American people. 

If you believe  you should get what you  pay for with your taxes.....parks, recreation, health care, education for you and your children, and your retirement benefits instead of Endless war and no benefits, the 99percent party is your party.  

Join us, run for office on the 99 percent party ticket, support the
99% party platform and candidates and we will have, at last, a Democracy of, By and for the People! Join/support/vote the 99% party!!!

How your Donations are spent:

20 % for Administration
80 % to help fund candidates running on the 99%party ticket and to fund legal challenges to require all states to use verifiable paper trail voting machines and end all forms of voter suppression.
Thank you for your contributions!

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